Dolphina Park Welcomes Two New Bottlenose Dolphin Calves

Dolphina Park is delighted to share the joyous news of the births of two new bottlenose dolphin calves, one in Sharm El-Sheikh and the other in Hurghada, marking significant milestones in our commitment to marine life care and conservation.

Sharm El-Sheikh’s New Arrival

On Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, our Sharm El-Sheikh location celebrated the birth of a male bottlenose dolphin calf. This precious calf is the first offspring of our 28-year-old dolphin mother, Marta. Measuring approximately 100 cm in length and weighing around 25 kg, the calf has already shown strong instincts by eagerly swimming to the water’s surface for its first breath immediately after birth.

For the next few months, Marta and her calf will remain out of public view and under 24-hour observation to ensure the mother and baby receive the best care and support during this critical period. “To watch a dolphin be born is beautiful,” said the Observer Senior Director of Marine Mammals. “But to also see its natural instincts fully take over in a matter of seconds as it kicks its tiny tail to propel its little body to the surface to take its first breath is overwhelmingly emotional.”

Hurghada’s New Arrival

Earlier in the year, on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023, our Hurghada location also welcomed the birth of a bottlenose dolphin calf. This female calf is the first for her 14-year-old mother, Stoupa. The new calf is approximately 90 cm long and weighs about 25 kg. Similar to her Sharm El-Sheikh counterpart, the calf immediately demonstrated her natural instincts by swimming to the surface for her first breath.

Stoupa and her calf will also stay out of public view and under continuous observation to ensure their well-being. The same meticulous care will be provided to support the first-time mother in learning to care for her young.

Looking Forward

These births are a testament to Dolphina Park’s dedication to marine life conservation and animal welfare. We eagerly await the day when we can introduce Marta’s and Stoupa’s calves to all our visitors. In the meantime, our professional team of trainers and veterinarians will continue to provide the highest level of care and attention to our newest additions.

Stay connected with us on our social media channels and website for more updates on our new dolphin calves and other exciting news from Dolphina Park. We look forward to sharing these precious moments with you and celebrating the wonders of marine life together.

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