Crowds Thrilled by Dolphina Park’s Dolphin Show at Riyadh Season

RIYADH: Crowds have been lapping up aqua entertainment in the form of a spectacular dolphin show, a highlight of this year’s Riyadh Season.

Located at Boulevard World, one of the city festival’s main activity zones featuring the largest man-made lake in the world, the dolphin shows have been drawing large audiences, adding a splash of excitement to the festivities. Alongside the dolphins, performing seals add to the fun with their entertaining routines.

A Show Like No Other

The seals captivate the audience with their acrobatic skills, performing routines with their trainer that include playful antics with hula hoops. The dolphins, on the other hand, amaze spectators by jumping over 3-meter-high bars, dancing in unison, singing, and even painting, showcasing their incredible intelligence and agility.

Visitor Impressions

Mohammed Sulaiman, a visitor to the show, shared his enthusiasm with Arab News, saying, “I would like to thank the General Entertainment Authority for the excellent work they are putting into the Riyadh Season and the dolphin shows; it is amazing. I usually go abroad to watch such shows, but the performance competes internationally.”


The success of the dolphin shows at Riyadh Season is a testament to the efforts of the General Entertainment Authority in providing world-class entertainment and making Riyadh a global cultural hub. These shows not only entertain but also educate the public about marine life, fostering a greater appreciation for these remarkable creatures.

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