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Dolphin Therapy is a holistic form of dolphin therapy in which dolphin interaction and individual therapy forms are reflectively coordinated within a cooperative therapy setting. The stimulation arising from the interaction with dolphins is thus used to support the personal development process combined with specifically tailored therapy, experience, and coaching courses, the whole family is involved in the Therapy process. All members are supported in lasting processes of learning, change, and development.

Dolphins-The perfect Therapists

Dolphins fascinate us humans. Every meeting, every touch more than any other animal, they are capable of coordinated and goal-oriented behavior. With humor and charm, these intelligent and sociable mammals are able to hold up a mirror to our self-image, accompanying us step by step in our personal development.

Over millions of years of maritime adaptation, they have developed special communicative abilities and a keen sense of togetherness as their central survival strategy.

Dolphins also have a unique sense organ: SONAR

According to neurological research, these high-frequency sonic waves have a directly stimulating effect upon the human organism. Both the parasympathetic nerve system and the immune system are stimulated, causing heightened information processes in the brain. The product of the neurotransmitters serotonin and endorphin is increased, leading to feelings of happiness and higher energy levels.

The Language of Dolphins

Dolphins and whales communicate via ultrasonic waves, for the most part inaudible to the human ear.

We hear only the lowest frequencies as trilling and chirping sounds. These ultrasonic sounds, also called sonar, are made in the dolphin’s “melon”, an oil-filled skull cavity. The dolphins “see” with the ultrasound, much like and x-ray image. This means that they are capable of recongizing dislocations, tumors, infections, and other anomalies, and of reacting to them and affecting and improvement. Ultrasound plays an important therapeutic role by directly stimulating, the cells of the human brain, thereby accelerating the processing of information.

Dolphins like humans communicate to a great extend by body language and maintain the social bond by playful body contact.

The effects of Dolphin Therapy

Scientific research on Dolphin Therapy has shown that, depending on the case, positive effects on physical and emotional relaxation, motor skills, attention span, expressiveness, and independence can be reached. Dolphin Therapy heightens receptivity, triggers positive emotions, and reduces anxiety.

The entire human system is harmonized. In addition to a wide range of other illnesses and impairments, Dolphin Therapy is especially successful with autism, Down’s syndrome, cereal palsy, development disorders, and severe, multiple physical and mental limitations. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders can also be successfully treated through this therapy. As a family therapy, Dolphin Therapy can strengthen resources and lead to new directions of constructive togetherness. It can contribute positively to every family, not just those with an existing disability or illness.

Dolphin Therapy Program:

40 minutes daily with trained dolphins for 10 days (according to the case)

Documents Requested:

  • Last medical report.
  • Recent photo.
  • Filling the application which contains (name-age-case-doctor-etc..).

Effectiveness of the Dolphin Therapy

-54.2% of parents evaluated their child’s therapy success as “exceptional” or “very successful”.

-28.6% reported “moderate” overall success.

-Only 11.4% spoke of “almost no improvement” and only 5.7% of “no success whatsoever”.

-89.5% of parents are “exceptionally satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the overall concept of Alpha-Therapy.


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