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About Dolphins

Our dolphin was born in captivity from parents and grandparents that were born in captivity as well captive dolphins don't know sea life because they depend on man to survive, they grew accustomed to man choosing and preparing their food and placing it in their mouth. The captive dolphin health is monitored by specialized doctors that we provide it with medical care around the clock. Water is kept clean through 24 hours filtration, also the pool is cleaned daily using specialized divers that work with the dolphin.
The water is connected to a silent water chillier to maintain water temperature all year seasons around, at about 20 degrees.
Our dolphins are monitored by the agencies and the nature conservation sector in the government.
Dolphina is the first dolphinarium in the middle east. Situated in Sharm el Sheikh at 2002 and now we are performing in Hurghada and Beirut.
This is a unique experience you will not want to miss!! Dolphins are very intelligent and our dolphins are cared for by our trained professionals and love to interact and entertain people with the tricks that they have learned. We now have a new home with a brand new theatre and state of the art facilities for you to watch our Dolphin's performing for you. There are many experiences on offer at Dolphina to ensure your visit is as memorable and unique as you would like, you can watch our dolphin show, swim with our dolphins, dance with them, even dive with them all while enjoying their playful nature. With all these experiences we capture them on photo or video so you can take your unique memories home with you!

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